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COBOL- best language for business application

COBOL or common business oriented language is one of the oldest computer programming languages. It was designed in order to serve government and businesses in their finance, business and administrative sections. COBOL was created in 1959 by the help of researchers from government, private industry and universities. Flow matic language is considered the mother of COBOL language, which was invented by Grace Hopper. The first description of COBOL was created by short range committee which was chaired by Joseph Weinstein. The initial COBOL compilers were implemented in 1960. Since then COBOL, has undergone various upgrades and changes.


It was developed by American national standards institute. It overcame the problem of incompatibly of various versions of COBOL. A standard form of COBOL was introduced in the year 1968. Because of the ANS contribution, it is termed as ANS Cobol.

COBOL 1974

The American National Standard Institute introduced the upgraded and improved version of COBOL in 1974. It has enhanced features and improved designs which were simpler than its predecessor.

COBOL 1985

The improved structure language constructs were also called scope terminators were introduced in COBOL in the year 1965.

COBOL is evolving into a better language and matching with times. The engineers decided to give COBOL its necessary object orientation. The revision in this regards was completed in 1997 and a committee draft was available in the year 1997. IBM, veryant, micro focus etc added object oriented syntax and final approval was done in 2002 by ISO standards. Hence COBOL 2002 is available for the past 9 years. The language is further standardized and objects oriented COBOL compliers, which are designed on the same standards as that of c++ and java languages, are available today.

The revised and upgraded fourth edition of COBOL includes features which are much more advanced than object orientation. The 4th editions has national language support, better user defined functions, local processing, syntax and pointers and standard arithmetic results, xml generation and xml parsing.

Significant features of COBOL

1. COBOL first helped automation of business process.

2. It offers visual programming and object environments.

3. Has class libraries

4. Has names that can be termed as truly connotative (has dashes and up to 30 character long names)

5. Describes file record in detail.

6. Defines every variable in detail

7. Have capabilities of rapid application.

8. Integrates fully with the world wide web

9. Ideally suited for providing solutions to business problems.

10. The first language to be mandated by department of defense.

COBOL is used across the globe in commercial establishments and government agencies, especially military. Various operating systems used for COBOL are Microsoft windows, IBM z/os, UNIX, Linux. In the 1990’s around 80 percent of the world business was run by using COBOL. COBOL is primarily a business language. COBOL integrates fully with the business application demand. It provides the business application the necessary power, precision, integrity and performance that are much needed. It can be also termed as the heavy lifting language of business and finance. Application development in COBOL means building something which definitely matters. It is also a simple language with a limited scope and function. It contains no user defined types, no pointers and no user defined functions. These specifics add to its use for business applications. The business applications do not need data structures or sophisticated algorithms. COBOL programs are also highly portable as the standard does not belong to any particular vendor. COBOL can also be used on many operating systems and hardware platforms. COBOL has been around for the past 50 years, and will dominate the future business scene for the next 50 years. The future is bright for COBOL, and the language will continue to help businesses throughout the world for a long time period.