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Evolution and development of LINUX

The families of UNIX languages which use Linux kernel are called Linux. Linux can be installed on a wide variety of computer gadgets like video game consoles, tablet computers, desk tops, mobiles, routers, mainframes and on supercomputers as well. As of now Linux runs on at least 10 known supercomputers across the world and can be termed as the leading server operating system language.

Anyone can use, modify and redistribute the Linux source codes commercially as well as non-commercially. He should have a GNU general public license for that. For desktop and server use, Linux is packaged as Linux distribution. Some examples of Linux distribution are debian, fedora and open suse. These distributions support libraries, utilities and large amount of application software and include the Linux kernel.

Linux was scripted by Linus Torvalds, who wrote the language in the year 1991. The name Linux is derived from Linux kernel. The preferred name of gnu/Linux is derived form the gnu project which was announced in 1883. Linux was derived from MINIX. MINIX was limited to educational use only, by the grant of license which stopped its commercial usage. This made Torvalds frustrated, who was attending a conference at university of Helsinki. This inspired him to work on an indigenous operating system in the year 1991. This led to the development of Linux kernel. In the initial stages, the Linux development was solely on MINIX platforms and applications for MINIX were also used for Linux. Travels changed his original license to gnu gpl license, which made Linux available for commercial usage also. A fully developed and functional operating system was designed which was free of cost by the developers which integrated the gnu components with Linux. As of now Linux distributions occur in wide range and domain and are platforms for supercomputers and embedded systems. The L of LAMP application stack is Linux. Linux is much preferred by governments across the globe. The state government of Kerala in India has made Linux use mandatory in all schools. Linux is used extensively by Chinese government for being technologically independent. They use it in their loongson processor family.The g host project of the Russian military uses Linux distribution. Other countries like Spain, France, Germany, Brazil and Portugal use Linux extensively for their educational and other programs.

Usage and applications of Linux

Linux on personal computers, desktops and servers serves the general purposes. For specialized purposes such as embedded systems, computer architecture support, security, stability, a specific region or language localization, targeting a specific user group, commitment to a given desktop environment and supporting real time applications, the Linux distributions are specialized. As of now around three hundred systems are underdevelopment. Linux can be run in wide range of electronic gadgets. Linux can be found in mobile phones and also can installed on super computers. Therefore you have the hand held iPAQ and the mainframe IBM system z9, both running on the Linux. Linux distribution for computers has a user environment that is graphical. Genome and kde plasma desktop are the two most popular plasma environments. Linux has been further upgraded for desktop usage by projects such as upstart (which aimed for faster boot time). Some applications such as pidgin and gimp which were initially designed for Linux kernel have been very popular among the users. Therefore these were incorporated in other operating systems such as Mac os x and windows. Linux held around 13 percent of the total server market in the year 2007. This estimate did not comprise of the server hardware which was sold separately without installed Linux. The total sale of Linux running servers, packaged software and desktops was around $35.7 billion in the year 2008. The Linux is also the favorite program of the film industry.