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The basis of quantum mechanics was established during the first half of the 20th century by many scientists like Max Planck, Niels Bohr,Werner Heisenberg, Louis de Broglie, Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, John von Neumann, Max Born, Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli, David Hilbert, and others. In the mid-1920s, developments in quantum mechanics started and the standard formulation for atomic physics began. In 1925 Heisenberg and Bohr published the results that closed the old quantum theory. And light quanta came to be called as photons (1926. Therefore the entire field of quantum physics emerged, and its wider sense was accepted at the Fifth Solvay Conference in 1927.Quantum mechanics is also known as quantum theory or quantum physics. It is a branch of physics which provides mathematical description of the dual behavior that is particle-like and wave-like behavior and interaction of energy and matter. With the help of a mathematical structure called the wave function quantum mechanics describes the time evolution of physical systems. The wave function indicates the probability of finding the system in a given state as well as at a given time. Quantum mechanics also calculates the effect on the system of making measurements of properties of the system by defining the effect of those measurements on the wave function involved. This leads to the famous uncertainty principle given by Schrödinger, which is given by :
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Quantum mechanics is different from classical mechanics by a significant amount as we observe when the scale of observations becomes comparable to the atomic and sub-atomic scale, the so-called quantum realm. But many macroscopic properties of systems can only be realized and explained with the help of quantum mechanics. Some macroscopic phenomena such as superconductivity etc, the properties of materials such as semiconductors and nuclear and chemical reaction mechanisms cannot be explained using classical mechanics but quantum physics. In many cases the results of quantum mechanics do not have models that are easily visualized in terms of classical mechanics; for example the ground state in the quantum mechanical model is a non-zero energy state that is the lowest permitted energy state of a system, rather than a traditional classical system that is considered simply as a state resting with zero kinetic energy.

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