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Newton’s First Law of Motion is stated that without acting any external force a physical body or an object either remains in state of uniform motion or rest. That means if an object is moving it maintain same speed unless any unbalanced force is acted on object and if any object is in rest state, Its state remains unless any force is acted on object.

Newton's First Law of Motion Assignment Help 

Newton’s first law is also recognized with the Gellileo’s concept or law of inertia.

Application of Newton’s First Law:

There are so many applications in everyday life. For example blood rushes in body from head to feet while quickly stopping when riding on descending elevator. Headrests are placed in cars to prevent whiplash injuries during rear-end collisions. Head of a hammer is tightened onto the wooden handle by banging the bottom of the handle against a hard surface.
Application of Newton's First Law of Motion

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