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Introduction & Concept of Molecular Physics

Molecular physics is an important field of physics which deals with the various physical properties of molecules and of the chemical bonds between atoms. A chemical bond is an usually an attraction force between atoms which results in the formation of chemical substances that contain two or more atoms. Various types of spectroscopy are the important features of this field. Molecular physics is closely related to atomic physics, which is primarily concerned with the arrangement of electrons around the nucleus and the processes by which these arrangements change .In any molecule rotational and vibration movements are there, these rotations and vibrations are quantized and there are discrete energy levels. The very small energy difference exists between different rotational states, so pure rotational spectra are in the far infrared region which is about 30 - 150 µm wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. Whereas vibrational spectra are in the near infrared that is about 1 - 5 µm wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum and the spectra resulting from electronic transitions are mostly in the ultraviolet and visible regions. From measuring like the distance between the nuclei can be calculated by measuring vibrational and rotational spectra properties of molecules. One of the most important aspects of molecular physics is that the essential atomic orbital theory in the field of atomic physics expands to the molecular orbital theory. Molecular physics is one aspect of molecular modelling. Molecular models typically describe atoms that are nucleus and electrons collectively as point charges with an associated mass. The interactions between neighbouring atoms are described by interactions representing as chemical bonds and Vander-Waals forces.

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