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Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation If there are two particles m1 and m2 from r distance, then there exists attractive force between these particles named as given digram directed from one body to other body and equal to magnitude directly proportional to product of masses of the bodies and inverse proportional to square distance between bodies.

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation Assignment Help

G=Universal Gravitation G=6.67 * 10 -11Nm2 / kg2

G dimensions formula
Dimension of Gravitation

Given uniform rod length l and mass of rod M. Calculate gravitation force on rod due to point particle of mass m placed r from one end of this rod.

To find this we consider a small element of width dx on the rod as shown in figure at a distance x from the point mass in. the mass of this element can be given as Gravitation due to rod homework help

To find the net force on rod we integrate the above expression for the whole rod i.e. from a distance r to r+l,

Gravitation Force

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6. Interaction Energy of A System Of Particles
7. Gravitational Potential
8. Gravitational potential and field due to various objects
9. Relation b/w Gravitational Potential and Intensity (V and E or I)
10. Relation between G and g
11. Variation in acceleration due to gravity
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13. Circular motion of satellite
14. Escape Velocity
15. Bound & Unbound Trajectories
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