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Electromagnetic Induction
We know that if electrical current flows through a conductor, there is an associated magnetic field created around that conductor which can be a wire. Thus in a very similar manner, when we move a wire inside a magnetic field, a current is generated in that wire. Current is produced in that conducting wire when it is moved through a magnetic field because of the fact that the magnetic lines of force apply a force on the free electrons existing in the conductor and causing them to move. This process of generating electric current in a conductor by placing the conductor in a changing magnetic field is known as induction. This is called so because there is no physical connection available between the magnet and the conductor. And the current is said to be induced in the wire by the applied magnetic field. Requirement for taking place of this electromagnetic induction is that the conductor, which is most probably a piece of wire, that must be perpendicular to the magnetic lines of force in order to produce the maximum force on the free electrons available in the wire. And the direction of the induced current that flows through the wire can be determined by two factors. One is the direction of the magnetic lines of force and the other one is by the direction the wire is moving in the field. If an AC current is applied in a piece of wire, an electromagnetic field is produced which is constantly shrinking and growing due to the continuous changing behavior of the current in the wire. This changing magnetic field can induce electrical current in another wire that is held close to the first wire to which AC current was applied. The current induced in the second wire will also be alternating in nature and almost similar to the current that is flowing in the first wire. Electromagnetic induction is the production of certain voltage across a conductor that is moving through a magnetic field. Operation of generators, transformers, induction motors, all electric motors, synchronous motors, and solenoids etc are based on this principle only. Credit goes to Michael Faraday for the discovery of the induction phenomenon in 1831. Michael Faraday stated that Electromotive Force abbreviated as EMF produced around a closed path is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic flux through any surface bounded by that path. Practically this means that an electric current will be induced in any closed circuit when the magnetic flux through a surface bounded by the conductor changes continuously. In mathematical form, Faraday's law states that: hin strict deadlines. Are you having second thoughts? Read on.

Electromagnetic Induction Assignment Help

Where the electromotive force is denoted by and is the magnetic flux is denoted by ΦB

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