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In work place particular people have specific job and duties they do perform equal participation of tasks and to perform better, they need to work well where they will require to study and to understand their work properly and carefully. So the study and understanding of work is very much necessary and thus very much important in the work place. This has important benefits, important criteria and important achievement

For example: For managers, Ethics and culture are very important intercultural communication. For example in India this is totally different. In India, Indian likes Vegetarian food as compare to Non Vegetarian food but in the foreign country they like Non vegetarian food due to different culture. According to Indian culture, mangers look for maintaining some form of beliefs, faith and tradition. Managers feel that strong relationship with their employees as well as customers will help them in an effective growth and so as development.

The culture is maintained by the help of some new looks in the business which represents that the hotel follows great tradition and form of religion which becomes a source of representing the company and its people. So the managers do lot of entertainment in their hotels for make the people aware about the culture of the food, about the food styles and its importance so they sometimes try to represent all things are good and safe which they prepare in their hotel. They try to develop and maintain the culture by the help of one uniform wearing style in the hotel for all employees which will give the fabulous look in the hotel and will represent the aesthetics in the hotel.

When we take a case of Adidas, Adidas sales force realized that the strategy used by blackberry helps the customer in delivering e-mail, phone calls messages and many more. Tim who was the Automation manager of Adidas compared his company’s applications with Blackberry Telecommunications Company because there were problems associated with Adidas as the customers when come to his company always needs to wait because sales person being busy with their mobile phones. The company thought that the solution would be to invest in sales people who can provide with all the necessary information’s to the customer and the customer need not wait for getting the response which will help the company to increase the production and improve the service. This strategy will help the company to achieve competiveness. It helps in increasing the customer’s confidence and customer’s requirements because by the strategy of new technologies and new innovations which will help them to be happy and more satisfied.

Service competes by using three generic service strategies those are:

1. Overall cost leadership

2. Differentiation and

3. Focus

When companies use overall cost leadership, they assure of high quality, customer loyalty, they do focus on providing customized services to their customers. They allow reducing of networks cost, they do promote the self-services options which helps service competes.

Differentiation strategy helps in being unique from all the services in terms of uses, in terms of reputation, in terms of technology, reputation, in terms of loyalty, in terms of customer service and quality.

Focus is the word which helps in the target group who are the main potential customers, the focus which service industries do focus upon are the services which have been offered to the customer, the services which really suits them or not? There is a great requirement on the focus of geographic regions like the geographic profile of the target group.

So we have seen from three different examples that how necessary is to understand the work and study the work in brief.