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When we talk about supply network design, it says a need of understanding of the business, of the process and design. It talks about the long-term issues and so as concerns and problems related to business. Supply networks design brief about the labour supply, land and infrastructure costs and amount, it deals with cost of energy, cost of transportation and also the cost related to community factors and many more. It also talks about the labour skills and so as the loyalty and convenience.

Supply network design helps in deciding the network perspective that why it is important? It helps in defining the size and capacity; also it deals to adjust the capacity of the company from long term issues and perspectives.

Contractors lose some element of control over the people that are undertaken by the people for particular job which have been outsourced. Supply chain creates a risk of distribution and there is also risk associated with suppliers. Labor issues, cost of materials, inventory management system is based on contractors which creates high risk if there is low inventory and you will not get supply of products as it depends on contractor so your deal of business, contract will stop. Pricing risks are global and high risk which creates high purchasing costs which includes high risks of financial and credit risks. There is a risk of interaction because when you outsource you have no idea about the materials about the person so reliability is the most important factor and there is also a requirement of quality which is a very high risk because quality differs when there is a matter of outsourcing these activities. The size of raw materials, the nature of component, the operation and assembly part, the wholesaler part and also the retailer who takes measures and create various steps. The business is based on customers from products as well as services. The supply network is based on long-term and it helps the company to identify and understand the particular relationship and focus on long-term issues. This helps industry in tackling with the systematic procedures which help in the operation strategy.

When somebody saw that he is in danger from his company security and he can face problems of short circuits, he needs to take certain steps and need to take measures in action. The action plan will be to make secure all the assets of his office. It could be anything. He will do the first and the major work that is to insure the company. He will register the insurance in the name of the company so the company can never be in harm if this sudden shock or disaster happens. For example: Insurance policy, installation of fire extinguisher with in the office premises.

There should be a software building and networking to maintain the daily as well monthly and all the details. The information should be kept safe in e-mail id. To also create one more option to save and keep date safe and secure apart from office diary and desktop. That could be not possible in my memory. So I’ll try to feed all the information in some secure place for future aspects like in residing place in home PC or laptop or we can also use external hard-disks which we should take back in the home after office.

There will be labeling of “DON’T SMOKE” within office premises there should be high restrictions that no one can smoke within and around hundred meters from office.

Wiring should be of high and good quality to reduce the probability of short circuits. There will be an arrangement of security team in night to reduce the chance of these disasters.