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Due to the increasing and wide development of the technologies and its widely usage in making the development of new applications, We all are dependent on the technologies for example mobile phones ,PDA's and computer .Today, mobile phones other electronic devices are part of our daily life and we are getting more dependent on them ,without them our daily life is incomplete . The mobile phone today has crossed the normal usage i.e., for making a call to other person. Today technology has lot of benefits and uses with all the facilities and it is also becoming the multimedia device. And the applications which are developed on this device is so useful and gives benefit that it works on our situations. For example the most famous application on mobile phone "trains timing". These applications help one by providing the information of the particular train and find the train that you wish to board by using our application contextual information. Asking the user the information "where you are present and where you want to go." Many companies, departments and sectors are using context aware application on mobile phones. Everyone today is interested the type of applications which provide or support the user to get the particular data that he/she want and because there are giving contextual (situational) information which is very useful. But there are some drawbacks which, I discuss further and to overcome these drawbacks Frameworks are used. Mobile context awareness is popular trend study in all calculations. For few years the Context-awareness has become a popular area of research, especially in the mobile environment. Modern hardware is still in the smart phones advanced accelerometer, digital compass, and ambient light sensor as standard equipment, as the latest phone from Apple or Google Nexus. Faster Processors to provide more services and applications can be made simultaneously, and better GPUs enable richer and more with an intuitive interface. Mobile devices are gaining wide spread usage in business, financial, educational applications and overall communications. Today technology plays a great role in communication and also for building a network and maintaining the trust and relationship. Today mobile phones even do the work of computers and the worlds have become very much advanced due to these advanced technologies. Today many different parties are trying their best to overcome the limitations and they are prepared for all types of challenges which will come their way to face and overcome that, however more facilities and features provided by these technologies there is a requirement of security threats so the virus and scams can be controlled and user can use these technologies safely and freely. Context aware computing comes under the category of ubiquitous computing and this application includes both the familiar and relatively simplistic, for example the relatively simplistic such as call forwarding on a cell phone when someone is unavailable ; or to aware of location using global positioning technology (Global Positioning System, Geographic Information System)which helps in getting the relevant information of the user to receive information that may or may not be the level of interest for the user and more futuristic world of intelligent sensors/appliances(e.g., smart home design, location –based shopping, smart phones that detect activities and availability). The purpose of mobile frameworks is to use the standards-based architecture that overcomes the existing IT infrastructure and maximizes return on investment for the manufacturer’s .Here the service network is build for the development of various applications to enable the development of applications for providing better service to their user. These context-awareness applications on mobile phones using the frameworks, which provide the relevant data and important information about the business. The framework is used to capture context about a user and her surroundings environment, this information is used to adopt the behavior of application running on the mobile.