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The feasibility and effectiveness of the Business plan cannot be explained without the Market survey or market research. This is the reason to introduce the new business plan I have clearly mentioned in the marketing plan about the Market Research. This research will conduct within the country of India. With the help of the this research I will get a number of information about the taste, Preferences, Need and demand, Customer’s actual requirement, Industry overview and Market Competiveness .

In terms of Interior design business this is proved that customers have more concern about the satisfaction, enjoy, and design quality. Everywhere price matter this is true but here if customer gets satisfaction in terms of overall quality, Value based products and services customers are always ready to pay more, but my strategy is to enter in the market with penetration strategy. Risk management strategy: If Creative Design Company start any business there should be a good business plan so that Creative Design Company gets an idea and a framework for developing a business and expand it more. Risk management strategy is an identification and prioritization of risks to minimize monitor and control the risks. It can come from uncertainty in financial markets, failure of the project, natural disaster, accidents or legal failures.

If we take an example of creative design company then we find these statements:

Creative design company interior design Company is probably the most similar competitor in terms of pricing and casual living atmosphere. It would differentiate itself from its competition with a design brochure list which is innovative, top and high-quality, which is always a marketing plus. Creative Design Company focuses the entire work on new innovative and decorative design.

Businesses always involve risks and managing risk in an interior design company defines the safety for everything should be the primary goal of the business. The training Creative design company provides to our employees, the motivation Creative design company show to our employees should be properly managed and well organized so that in future there should not be any complaints from customer side which will reduce one risk. Be sure in purchasing and investing for any product items to prepare a brochure because a little lack of information will harm the business. It is the matter of one time service so there will be extra care needed in terms of safety and security.

Creative design company will also organize events so that will be the unique and great way to position our interior design company in the market with high reputation which will also be helpful in creating a profit and attract the local customers about our achievements and USP. Creative design company will also promote our business by providing the newsletter with whole details of our interior design company location and price along with contact number and full address so that customer can feel easy and convenient to visit our interior design company so Creative design company can provide a good high quality service. Creative design company will provide these newsletters, pamphlets; along with the newspaper in morning time so that the daily readers can know about our shortly opening interior design company. Along with the newsletter Creative Design Company will also distribute a green color card which will describe the eco friendly environment in our interior design company. In Televisions and different local channels Creative Design Company will advertise by giving a scrolling ad for our interior design company to increase the awareness. Creative Design Company will invite the celebrity at the day of opening the interior design company so that will be more impressing and will create a celebrity endorsement opening. Creative Design Company will differentiate our interior design company from the other interior design company and will create an excitement in a way that reinforces the positional strategy.