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Process Design

The activity, the sources of equipment, needs and demand creates a process. It constitutes to the process of determination, requirement and so as also helps in activities of the process. The strategic moves the company makes have implications across the three key functions — finance, marketing, and operations.

For the marketing Director the concerns would be promotion based activity about the increment of the sales, the advertisement will be depended. The sales and local region will matter a lot for this plan. The concern and question would be about the profits and expansion of the business. The product in which the customer is totally satisfied, the planning and decision process, the product features and its specifications. The expectations and target requirements are the concerns of sales. The customer needs and requirements their focus area etc.

Consumer basically looks the behavior and the ways of talking of the marketing executives. A marketing guy needs to focus on the area and give attention in the area where consumer wants to be. A consumer thinks that a marketer needs to think about us and a marketer needs to develop that scenario which helps the consumer easily to choose and decide. The brand and its value depends the segmentation of the product particularly depends on the consumers movement.

The questions here are the customer satisfaction and his happiness. There should be a proper planning and proper segmentation so the company and directors should not face any trouble or financial crisis. There should be one experienced and a knowledgeable guy who can give complete and true information in regard to sale its territories. There is different categories of people like mass media youth, children, adults, old age people and some also target women for their business growth which is completely depend on the company’s product. Company should think it effectively whether the investment is good or bad whether it is profitable or not so the process will be properly designed and be controlled. Process design should be based on such factors so it may conclude following factors like. Existence includes the needs of safety and physiological needs which means the basic necessities of life that is which required to survive means water air and shelter. Safety needs include a security need which is requiring in the job. Love and care along with belongingness require in this need which is necessary in a workplace because without these needs one can’t take a risk to go for a job. For terms of working this need is a requirement. Relatedness basically means internal and social needs means the important need of satisfaction and society needs. To survive in a society and to work in a workplace to feel motivated is the higher needs. This need is require to not feeling any difference in terms of age, people, caste, color, sex etc. The culture and the work environment matters a lot in workplace to work. Growth needs: It require because the potential of an employee is needed in the job. This needs include the self actualization needs and esteem needs which are very high. For example to survive and sustain to grow in terms of sustainability. The process should include:

1. Employee Satisfaction Level increase: Many MNC companies and KPO. BPO using this policy to give more and more satisfaction to their employees. One extra holiday provide lots of happy to employees.

2. Relaxation: In this policy employees gets 2 or 3 days holidays in week which provide more time for relax to the employees.

3. Customer Retention: satisfaction and relaxation create positive perception in the employees towards company because of it employee ready to work for long time within same company.

4. Customer Service: With the help of more working hours we are able to provide sufficient services to our client by the help of existing resources.

5. Reduce the Absenteeism: It also reduces the absenteeism because employees already gets good amount of holidays in one week.

6. Efficiency Increase: We know that if we will get sufficient time for relax it will affect the efficiency level.