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When we talk about art in UAE, we know that people, their responsibilities and the organization which the people has selected matters a lot so here is the importance of all the three.

Art provide a medium where we use different mediums for example music, painting, expression, dancing and others to communicate our feeling and thoughts. Our arts institution are introducing the program of arts and establishing an art institute for the children whose age groups are 5-13 years of age. They will be a give a particular focus on basic to top of arts. Art is the meaning of expression and define a series of activity that will denote the aesthetics. Art creates the realistic atmosphere that defines the real and deeper understanding of reality. Art gives the real style by its aesthetics. Art which was first developed in 20th century and began evolving till decade. It delivers positive attitude and positive activities in the minds of the children. This art institute will define the creativity and potential levels of students to produce the innovation.

The establishment of an art institute will improve the major areas in UAE society in the following ways:

Encouraging the students of UAE: Our art institute will enable the students of 5-13 years of age to achieve the point of success by offering a new and a wide range of opportunities and programs for arts which will improve the talents and skills of the students who are concerned with arts and who can make a difference by their potential. It will encourage the children who are keen to learn and improve their efficiency level in the same field. It will organize lot of exhibition, museums for students who can show their performance level in terms of different mediums of arts and experience as well as the willingness. It will give them new source and energy to motivate their self-confidence and take a new path or a movement to enter the path of their ambition. It will strengthen their self-power and initial skills which they will want to grow and develop in a high stage through different ways of learning. A part of all these this institute introduces:

1. Imagination for the life, learning and expression them through different medium to others.

2. Provide Platform for those people who have lot of things but not getting right path.

3. Introduce and come up with new innovative techniques in the field of Art.

4. A place where people interact and share their thoughts and ideas which develop new thoughts and energy in the growing student.

5. A professional approach.

6. A quality touches and enhances the skill.

Challenges for students: The new introduction will provide them a framework to define the aesthetics of their skills and creativity. The new institution in a city will provide competition to the students in the classroom which will be a very challenging and a difficult task for a student. It will be challenging in front of the world for the students. To made the mind and interpret the final image will be very much challenging for the students of UAE so they can take the next step of their ambitions to resolve the problems and issues which our students will fail to interpret alone in homes in the closed window. Learning is a challenging and really a very potential kind of a thing which will require extra creativity with high potential that will determine the level of proficiency and measure the output of hard work (Part of our research methodology and direct conversion with family through phones and via mails).

Creative learning: The concept of developing an art institute will grasp the knowledge and skills with new minds. It will improve the learning process with the help of faculties, trained teachers, skilled high-set guidance, rules and regulations, discipline, theme of the art which will define its beauty and make the sense of drawings, paintings, animations, crafts, decorations and many more. When the process of learning will begin in the classroom the process of implementation with curricula, assessments, confidence will automatically generate in the process of creative learning and imagination. (Strategies use in the operation of Art institution, discussed in the section of the strength of the Art institution)

Innovative teaching [Predefined criteria to make our institute different, a differentiation Strategy]: Our institute will offer the students with high skilled proficient faculties who will help in achieving the goals and ambitions of the students and can define the willing power of an individual student. Following are the major points which will define the criteria of our teachers:

Ultimate faculties: The faculties will have the ultimate knowledge to handle the talents of our students.

Experienced teachers: Our teachers will be a visiting faculty in our institute who will have the high experience in the same field and will also teach in the top most art institution in UAE.

Attitude of costiveness: Our teachers will carry a positive attitude who can understand the significance of art by one sign of a student.

Strong thought process: All the teachers will carry a strong thought process who can visualize the art by great ideas in this superfast developing world.

Implementation of ideas: When the student will think about developing something in a paper the teacher of our institute will implement those ideas because the ideas will be successful when it could be measured or implemented.

Understanding the level of student: This is the same thing defined in the above mentioned statement that the teachers will understand the understanding level of the theme of an art that’s why we are divided our batches into different age groups because the understanding level of student who is five years old is not that high when compared to thirteen years of age.

Guide / train the students with their grasping capacity: Our teachers will train the students according to student’s capacity of learning. Our teachers will identify the capacity of each student by their performance, thought process, hard work, dedication and doing assessments of implementation. [Part of the strength of our institute, result came from research methodology discussed in the next section “Research methodology”] Source: Secondary source ‘Internet”

Cultural techniques: Our institute will require some amount of change in respect to students for making the learning process more challenging and more competitive. The efforts of student will only be successful if they will get a chance to go outside and learn the culture as well the religion of the country through the help of tradition, festivals.

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