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When we talk and discuss about ERP and its materials there are various process which includes in this system and we talk about certain issues, some limitations, some process, some functions and its structures thus we also talk about the various system and its materialistic requirements. It helps in achieving the goals and certain profits and so on it also helps in achieving the task and the main goal.

Benjamin Mueller published a research on information systems in the area of IT strategy and IT benchmarking where he collected practical exposure in United States and Europe. Today service oriented architecture is most flexible software which is growing, implementing day by day which promises to resolve lot of issues regarding information systems. In ERP there is a limitation which is a barrier in its implementation while SOA implementations are spreading day by day in a very early stage. Researchers start their work with SOA and it increases its awareness and reduces the complexities. SOA focuses on the value of the business to make a business grow fast with flexibility. SOA is based on real world situations. It increases the business processes improvements, helps in control and co ordination, reduces time etc. As compare to ERP, business gets lots of benefits through SOA. SOA extends the organizational and geographic reach beyond a single organization’s scope to the wider value chain or an ecosystem. Due to poor management skills and limited ERP knowledge project managers become failure to implement ERP. They state that for any implementation we first need to plan, then we will need a leader who can monitor execute and implement the ERP process because an Enterprise Resource planning system is very much complex and it requires a talented and an efficient worker who can handle it very carefully. ERP system is also very demanding as well as challenging. To implement ERP systems means to re-innovate the entire process and to re-create the whole organization thus it requires time and flexibility as well information technology experts who are very much confident and well known in ERP, who has a great knowledge but there has been one problem and that is the professionals are messed up with SOA implementation therefore the activities of project managers people were not so good because they were doing their work in a full rush and the training performance should evaluate by which the project managers can focus on the implementation part well. There was no robustness and better framework so the discovery of poor ERP system could be a low quality of business because ERP is a high package system which helps in business a lot so if ERP will be not good than it will affect the business.

The principles behind SOA are very simple but in implementation, it is also a very complex term. It offers benefit and potential to the organization. It enhances the capability of information services to provide reusable services and infrastructure. It enhances the firms as well as Information services people’s capabilities. It increases the ability and the important aspects of business. It also helps the people by reducing the project time in implementing the business in not more in theoretical aspects but in real concept and logical steps. It plays a very important role in customer’s satisfaction increasing sales and costs related to operations, back-ups, employees etc. it has strategic benefits in the organization because it helps in interoperability, targeting the external partners etc. the company can also improve its communication / interaction co-ordination across the organization and its boundaries. It helps in maintaining and strengthening the good and mutual understanding as well it helps to build a good relationship.