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Defining Layout and Flow

The product when produce economically is known as the layout that is known as plant layout. The number of materials which involves in the movement is based on the basic principles or basic rule and is associated with the minimum strategy or development. The distance between the work area and the distance between the times occurs as per the number and the time period. The flow of materials should be flexible at the point of its strategy and material innovations. The value which has been added to the stages is also added to the product which talks about the work sequence, work activities and so on it continues as per it grows and there should be no effect of back-tracking, there should be no interruption of raw material and its products. The layout when is good, it says about the safety and also ensure the reasons of security that describes the healthy condition of environment and also good for the employees.

The layout needs to be good which can talk about the dimensions of space that are available. It should talk about the work areas and so as the area of improvement. This working environment also needs to be flexible so there is no much time for wastages and so on. The good layout is able to produce the good results and also able to satisfy the outputs which are based on the availability of space, the size of the work are; the best uses of resources; the uses of equipments; other tools and techniques, the uses of other utilities and so on.

This layout needs proper work area of machinery and other equipments and the type and number of those work areas is very much associated with the movement and so as the changes. The principle of this requirement is based on three important aspects which are as follows:

The satisfaction does not fulfills the need of the space at the time of flow of the materials and resources, the satisfaction does not reach the level of satisfaction of the people, of the users, of the people who use the system and the third and the last one is it does not satisfy the future and so as it is totally different from the present one.

There are three different types of basic layouts which are associated with the method of production and those are as follows:

1. Process layout / Layout by function: This process is typical and is that type of production which requires the type of production where the equipments which are grouped together performs similar functions and develops same activities which are involved in similar functions. The layout provides flexibility and the job is great where the customer feel it is the unique process and unique approach. This operation is different and unique from other and another job.

2. Product layout / line production: The product layout is suitable and depends on assembly operation. It is used for making the product. This equipment needs high inputs and the investment in this process is also high when compared to other processes because it creates the level of satisfaction. It helps in completing the multiple jobs and the high volume of production is possible from this systematic approach. It is also different and unique in terms of number, in terms of operations and in terms of volume of the production.

3. Fixed position layout: Fixed position layout is based on tools, machines, workmen and so as the high number of skilled workers who perform several jobs and manufacture the product automatically. The product is positioned and is fixed accordingly.