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There are various operations in the field of operations management it involves human beings who are the main assets for the organization it involves process which are processed by human beings that are the people who are working in the organization, it also includes technology by which people, I mean human being process their tasks and apply the strategy of technology.

These important four things are very much helpful for an organization to function the work properly and perform in a better way. Organization can thus creates a high benefit to the process to achieve the goals as well as objectives and to achieve high output and so as return. It creates great amount of technology and the activities thus functions in a structured and in an ordered manner which helps each of them in the organization to deal positively and recommend correctly. The functions of operations thus give high value to the people who are associated in the organization, who are the part of the organization.

The functions thus perform the job duty, the job roles which are the requirement of taking correct steps and measures to decide the equipments, machines, to decide the work force, man power, to allocate the right job to right people so they can provide the high output with maximum profit where the company will not feel any loss and will get all the benefits as per invested.

It includes the timings which described by the operation manager to achieve the goal on time with proper return. It carries the time for the total and final production, it attains the time where the employee gets high profit and also the company receives same. The measurement of job and work roles depend on the tasks how it has been assigned to the employee.

The design of the system, the design of the process, the design of the job, the design of the job analysis, the work measurement, the role of employees, the analysis of the economy to improve the benefits, to increase the productivity and achieve the maximum level and to gain the maximum productivity.

The organization forecast the demand of the product and services as well as the complete proper plans which needs to be achieved for future point of view and for the future perspectives. It helps in achieving the future goals and demand to influence the resources of the operation.

The proper planning needs to be done to perform the operations. The planning which should be accurate and up to the mark so no party can apply any bad strategy in that. The resources how it has best divided in the different groups or departments matters a lot, the plans of the operation management follows a corporate planning as well as best resource to meet the market demand for the products.

The support of the management involves proper planning and controlling as well as internal control to achieve the goals, to attain the maximum amount of reach and productivity.

The stock as well as inventory and its control as well as management helps in achieving the proper resources and control management of raw materials and goods of the product.

The purchase management helps in achieving the development of the manufacturing like the decisions made for the business and its uses.

The quality and its management support the meets of the requirements and satisfy the demand of the customer as well as it helps in improving the process as well as operations.

The ambition of this project is to justify the requirements and improves the efficiency as well as productivity by improving reliability and operations.

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