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Quality is something when we get it in terms of products, in terms of goods or services whether it is the plastic based product, the assignment work or anything related to the cost where the customer purchase something by paying the price and expects high quality but when there is no proper quality and when there is lot of defects come then quality differs, the company’s goodwill also get lost and there is spread of bad word of mouth then poor quality exists.

The effects of poor quality lose the company’s reputation and the goodwill because the customer, the clients, the suppliers who ever person is associated with the company is not able to trust in the company and its words. So there is a high loss which occurs in the company due to the level of quality they offer, if they do offer bad and poor quality, they loses the business and profits and if they provide high quality, their chances of sustainability increases. That’s how it affects the organization.

A marketer complements the industry analysis, emphasizing the demand side of the equation. In a market analysis an advertiser examines the factors that drive and determine the market for the firm’s product or service. First the advertiser needs to decide just exactly what the market is for the product. Most often the market for a given good or service is simply defined as current users. The idea here is that consumers figure out for themselves whether they want the product or not and thus define the market for themselves and for the advertiser.

This approach has wisdom to it. Few executives get fired for choosing this market definition. However, it completely ignores those consumers who might otherwise be persuaded to use the product.

The main point is to first identify and analyze what is the requirement and what is the need as well the opportunities also matters.

Generate, refine, and evaluate marketing performance: After an identification process a marketer needs to generate those needs by all resources with the help of people and different means. The marketing performance thus gets determined and a good marketer able to research it with a view point of market requirements.

For example: IBM focuses on proper communication and proper training when any new candidate gets the offer letter and joins IBM which helps in transforming the business by new and fresh thinking with advanced technology. IBM is a brand because it has invented and innovated in each and every turn to build the smart and representing way. It executes the system for growth and success. This strategy helped the business to be more competitive and IBM helped to achieve their goals and objectives by proper training facilities, Proper training sessions, new and advanced technology, proper trainees, best practices, flexible environment new and modern strategy to achieve the high profit and sustainability. This helped IBM in moving towards the goal and the flexible environment makes the employee motivated as well as appreciated. This reflects the famous personality of the company and it helped the company in creating the dogmatism as well as authoritarianism.

Thus the design of the product and services is very much important for achievement and for success. The way the marketer designs is very much effective, it is very much important and it requires great number of innovation and other new tools and techniques which help in achieving the best part and also it helps in increase of the goals and the design of the products and so as services are very much important for company’s goals and benefits.