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Every business organization whether selling products or services, has to move according to the pace of the market and the needs of time. Otherwise it becomes redundant. This is why business organizations need to accept changes and gear themselves in accordance to the demands of time.

“Change is important for any organization because, without change, businesses would likely lose their competitive edge and fail to meet the needs of what most hope to be a growing base of loyal customers. Change and the methods of its implementation is essential in an organization for gaining competitive advantage through adoption of new technologies, new employee skills, exploration of new opportunities, with the sole objective of customer or client satisfaction. Using improved service technology, an organization accelerates its process of communication initiating change and an increase in productivity.

An educational change in an organization which undergoes lot of challenges in the work place which helps in changing the organization to grow because the employees are well skilled and they possess great learning power which will enhance the communication technology (effectively and efficiently information flow among the employees) and increase the growth of the organization.

Change involves a process of transition involving a journey from the known to the unknown. It requires organizational leaders and members of the team to adapt to new ways of doing things in order to implement the change successfully. Organizational leaders, managers, and change agents need to focus on the human side of the process of the change that individuals and groups have to undergo for making the change effective because everything needs change. After a certain period of time, we usually feel monotonous from the same thing so we need change and it adds some value within organization, leaders, managers and other resources. Thus it is important to focus on the transition period while implementing a leadership model for managing a change, as it is not only a difficult task, but a critical one too. Change in an organizational strategy is an attempt to alter the organization’s alignment with its environment. However, if organizational leaders can effectively communicate to the team and lead the team to look deep down below the surface there would be minimum or almost no resistance to the change or the process of change required. Lack of proper articulation of the vision before implementing a process of change often leads to the difficult situation in the transition process, and organizations often have to struggle in the process of implementation of change. It often happens that the basic purpose behind implementation of change remains unexplained, and the members of the organization fail to gather knowledge about the reality in the organization, the challenges that the organization could be facing, or visualize the picture that the change would bring in.

This assignment aims to discuss issues related to the difficulties faced by organizations in bringing changes, and would strive to analyze the challenges experienced in leading a particular initiative at my workplace. Efforts will also be made to critically examine the desirable change implementation as to whether it should be top-down or bottom up. A transitional plan is necessary for outlining the details of the actual changes to be implemented and a way to the ultimate target. It deals with specific individual activities that need to be carried out during the transitional period, which essentially deals with the people. The assignment would also highlight the importance of strategic planning at this phase with illustrations.

During a change, almost all organizations lay emphasis on their employees first because the people are their asset. However some organizations are unable to live up to the desired level where understanding human concerns are related. Change inflicts fear and uncertainty in the employee’s mind about the future, and an unsuccessful pattern will only aggravate the situation. This calls for implementing strong leadership practices for ushering positive changes. Hence, a change in the existing organizational culture in the organization also becomes necessary in some situations. However, this change in organizational culture should not be implemented too rapidly as people new time to adjust to new situation. This will also aim to show how an understanding of organizational culture can enable appropriate change management, as argument such as ‘organizational change cannot take place without a change in culture’ frequently occupies the first place in all discussions pertaining to organizational changes and change management implementations.