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Project Management

Project management is a very big term in the field of education and career to plan, organize, secure and manage the resources in proper way and in proper place. The time and quality of project management matters a lot in the field of achievement goals and objectives to meet the certain criteria and deliver the solution on time.

It describes the framework by which the company operates and deals with the clients.

These include: 1. Shared values
2. Strategy
3. Structure System
4. Staff
5. Style
6. Skill
7. System

Its relevance is:

Shared values matters on the personnel level goal and organizational level goal. It helps to enhance the goals and the competition. The understanding co-operation and the going ahead responsibilities is its relevance.

Strategy defines the objects and goals. It provides an additional value to the organization which should be simple clear specific unique and true to the company ad easily understandable.

Structure system defines the nature of the business. It can be of different types. The networking and the system’s views and processes of work.

Staff means manpower and its relevance is the most important part in the organization as per the vacancy requirements skills knowledge ability and sense and the work divide to them.

Skill means the ability of the employees to complete the particular and the given task or job.

System defines the organization’s ways and values which includes all the processes of the organization.

There are different stages in organization development which is important from success point of view and that are stated as below:

Communication: It is important for the flow of information and to complete the company demands.

Friendliness: It is to be there to work together ad to work properly ad to concentrate there should be a friendly environment which supports the goals.

Conflict: Conflict is there in each task so it is there to increase the productivity and to increase the sales and profits of the business.

Majority: It helps to maintain the leadership and to get the achievement.

The two interventions are:

Interpersonal defines the individual skills knowledge and ability which is helpful to contribute in an organization. Example if a person is working in a BPO sector his personal skills means the voice and accent as well as communication skills matters a lot for the company goals.

For successful project management, we need proper planning, proper implementation and there is a requirement of successful tools and techniques while managing any type of project. Project management includes various types of steps like proper planning, proper analysis, proper research, correct feedback, right implementation and true monitoring and then controlling.

With all the possible outcomes, project management becomes successful by proper time, scope and cost as well as quality. It relies of the fact that it is important and there is a requirement of proper solution. The responsibility needs to be understand by each of the member who are associated with the project and they needs to properly identify the solution.