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Organization is a space where people spend most of their times from the morning till the dark night and someone even work for whole night who are busy with their home, study, family, children etc. A customer relation executive is a person who plays a role of a judge where in a customer relation executive does justice to his people and tries for all possibilities to make them happy and satisfied. Managing people is his role and he is the most critical person in an organization because his job is to solve the queries, look for trainings, invest for betterment of the company and make customers satisfied. He or she is hired for an organization to solve the complaints related query of the company goals so that he can continue with keeping in organization. There are different types of behavior people possess in an organization and there are various styles of approach in the organization related which are as below:

Autocratic Approach: In case of Autocratic Approach the decision powers are centralized and decision making activities handle by the leaders or directors by the company. This is one kind of leadership style where they do not entertain any suggestion or advice, initiatives comes from the employees or subordinates. The experience of executives are that bad that they don’t get time for re-creation, they don’t get time for communication, decision-making, they don’t get time for understanding their work and thus they don’t get proper growth and proper development from an organization.

In case of democratic or participative leadership, the decision making favors by the group as well the management or a leader because it helps in making the relationship, in winning the hearts and the co-operation of the team and it motivates them with full energy positively and effectively. The democratic leader not think about themselves but also think about the choice, about the decision, about the criteria, situation and circumstances of their group because they feel that all members decisions are important and all needs to participate in a project if they are working in the company because it is the goal of the company.

The benefits of choosing the styles of behavior: participative / democratic leadership is very much beneficial in solving the issues in times of difficulty, it will help in achieving the goals together, the goals will be achieved by whole team members and they will work together to achieve the profit for the company. It will help in maintaining the mutual understanding and good relationship between a leader and the team members. It will help in major co-operations among the group. Every member in the group will participate accordingly means to say each of the individual will take equal part in achieving the goals of the organization as they getting equal opportunities for their helping hands and for making themselves prove about their skills as well as abilities.

Each of the members has equal freedom to join the team and to participate in a team. If they have any new ideas or any new thoughts in their mind, they will discuss thoroughly with the group which might take an advantage to the project and might create positivity in the completion of the project. They feel important in this type of leadership and do not feel that a leader is forcing to do the task and they also feel valued among their work so they work in a better way and create more better sense which helps the leader as well the organization because they get full enthusiasm and high energy to represent their attitude and dedication towards work.