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Introduction to National Economic Planning

National economic planning tells us about the decision and the best use of resources which one takes in the country. The decisions include are rate of investment, the quantities to produce the goods and services, the price needs to be charged and the wages which needs to pay to the workers. It decides the growth and development of the economy and the necessary changes in the economy.

There is a great need of economic planning in our country:

The need to change the poverty growth and there should be the changes in income part of the employee who are earning less and unable to live and sustain in country needs to get high pay as per their work so they can lead to a better life. The population should control by our country because it is creating a very bad impact and the low level of literacy also creates uneducated people in our country.

The objectives and goals of economic planning are:

There is a need of economic growth in our country

Education is the most important and it should be given to each of the children in the country for the growth of the country and its people.

Employment should be given to all who are very much committed to their work and career, who are really deserved to get the job.

Planning commission:

It was set up by the government of India in the year 1950 to effectively utilize the resources and plan the five year plan along its objectives, planning commission reduce the rate of unemployment by increasing the rate of literacy in all regions of the country for example backward as well as cities and high class regions.

Planning commission decides about the health of the children and reduces malnutrition among children who belongs to age group of 0-3 years; it helps in reduction of anemia among women and girls in the country.

It also ensures that the children enjoy a safe childhood with proper benefits and there are more than 600000 villages in India where villagers still face problems with electricity, where people today also face vast amount of population, where people today also faces problems in terms of communication, in this modern new world of technology, there are still people exists who facing these types of problems and who have no connections of electricity, mobile phones, they have no such resource to live in this world and also it requires changes for our country to grow.

National economic planning suggests for the correct thing for our country and its people which helps in the country’s growth as well as development. It increases the power of efficiency and there is also become high chances and probability of high growth.