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Marketing is a filed for business people and they have to aware about human requirements. People requirements and needs are met by businessmen throughout their marketing efforts. Marketing is an understanding and commitment of customer and seeking rely response from prospect. The customers are grouped and targeted. He values to the customers are generally created and communicated because the subject is both science and art. The right product for right customer is the main target and focus of any business. The competitive price for a product needs proper marketing direction and communication.

Marketing mix decisions are as following





The Price, Product and Place correspond with cost, customer and convenience. These components of the mix are promoted through communication. The activity of marketing is carried on with other activity to give benefit and value for customer. Products are about its condition of use. The Pricing generally attracts people. The distribution mainly requires planning to different customers. The communication of marketing takes into account in social or behavioral aspects of consumers and the different types of communications help in consumer’s interest. The integrated approaches case the result in using opportunities in a market. The companies move from product to customer to generate individual offer and the customization is main focus. Marketing is the main subject matter of all fields and departments in an organization. The professionals and students should have managerial orientation with analytical approach. This subject is generally inter-disciplinary in nature. The student may develop these skills of relating concept with practice.

Marketing plans and strategies are developed by successful marketing people. The marketing connects customers and builds brands.

The main area of marketing given below:

1. Customer value
2. Behavior of Buyer
3. Customer Loyalty or Satisfaction
4. Consumer or Business Markets
5. Market Segmentation
6. Communication
7. Branding
8. Mass or Direct Marketing
9. Personal Selling
10. Customization
11. Globalization
12. FMCG, Services or Retailing

The issues, theoretical frame work and concepts and discussion in the aforesaid marketing topics are offered with excellent practical guidance. The case studies, solutions, research writing and brain storming exercises on those topics of marketing importance will give marketing insights for the aspiring students and professionals of marketing. Marketing is applicable in various fields and goods and services are the most important dimensions. This concept differs from selling activity. The marketing starts with production of goods and giving its services to customers and the customer service are an essential component.

Marketing Management Writing Assignment Help, Project Help

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