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The word MIS defines management information system which helps in providing information how to manage the organization in an effective and efficient manner. Management information system basically talks about the middle managers works that how they work, how they complete their information, how they possess all the data and reply to that information. Management information system basically talks about three important resources that are technology, information and people. In all the three resources, what matters the most is the people who are the key assets in any organization because they deals with the process. If they will not handle all the things, there will be a loss to the organization so people are basically means lot to an organization. Management information system talks about people who are performing the role of middle management and deals with certain applications and documents to solve the business problems, to resolve the conflicts, maintain the data and organize events and advertisements as per required time to time so a middle management really performs lot of task which helps them to achieve the goals and ambitions. They support each types of decision and always ready to perform it on a regular basis with high priority.

There are different types of management information system for companies whether it is business outsourcing company, real-estate, automobile company or manufacturing company, there always require a high amount of management and system to solve all the problems in the organization and deal with the contracts in a proper order. For the company’s benefits, these three types of management information systems which provide benefits to people are:

1. Transaction processing system

2. Decision support system

3. Management information system and

4. Executive support system

Transaction processing system is also known as TPS which helps the organization in collection of all the records and daily activities related with transactions, the payroll, the record, the stock keeping, the record of employees, the daily transactions record, the finance records and so on.

Decision support system is also known as DSS which helps in solving the problem in the organization, resolving all the issues in the organization and make necessary actions, DSS helps the organization to observe with all the current information, past information and thinks carefully about the future decisions which a company take in a wide range and use different sources to help in solving related to those problems.

Management information system also known as MIS which helps the organization to produce all the necessary activities and provide all the necessary as well as relevant information about the important structured as well as unstructured problems arise in the organization.

Executive support system also known as ESS which is basically known for its most important work as it helps in summarizes the whole reports including human resources, finance, management operations, accounting and provide them with quick access to all these reports to all the level of departments.

Management information system is known for its advantage which is as follows:

MIS helps in improving the process of the business and also improves the business operations and its management. It creates a positive feedback to understand the needs and requirements of the clients and customer. Management information system plays a vital role in terms of marketing and advertisement to achieve the goals of the company. MIS helps and gives its data to all the departments like human resources, Marketing, operations, business management, finance and many other by providing its valuable inputs and helps in improvement of the business process by its effective decisions. These valuable aspects help in increasing the growth of the organization.