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INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION is defining the terms and conditions of marketing whether it is related to sales, whether with marketing, promotions, advertisements, public relations or many more. It is the different for everyone when compared. It is a business for some people, for some people it is an art, for someone else it is a phenomenon might be related to culture and for few of them it might be an institution or ways of profits.

It includes marketing, advertising, direct promotion, sales promotion, public relations and many more. The way you communicate to spread the message of your brand, product or service, organization talks about the integrated marketing communication.

INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION is a paid, believed communication to people and talks about the terms of marketing in the profit parts of business. It is as direct and simple as this definition seems, it is engaged with distinctions. In advertising the company or organization that pays for advertising is called the client or sponsor. If a communication is not paid for the uses and profits, it is not described as an integrated marketing communication.

The consumer when enters the world of promotional media and marketing, a world in which professionals match message and media. The criteria of the selection of media depend where the money has been spent, invested wisely or wasted. It is also a land where much has changed and changed recently. The company continues by observing the changes and discussing their real-world implications. The new system more resembles a law firm’s billing system that anything else in the business world. There is still significant revenue generated through media discounts to agencies but it is neither constant nor uniform. Further the people who actually create the ads may work at an entirely different agency from the people who actually buy the media. Quite a bit of media planning and buying is outsourced, done by an “in-house” expert with the account management and creative function for new innovations. This is known as integrated marketing communication.

The marketers when spreads and communicate “message” by the help of sales promotion, its features price reduction, a prize, or some other incentive for consumers to try a brand or for a retailer to feature the brand in the store. Sales promotion has been a very popular source of marketing and it has been achieved to a great difference because it accomplishes things which advertising cannot perform. Sales promotion is designed to affect demand differently than advertising does because it has extra knowledge and features. The role of sales promotion is primarily to understand an immediate purchase from the customer. Other sales promotion such as frequency programs provide an affiliation value with a brand which increases a consumers ability and desire to identify the particular brand.

The source and use of Public relations also help in maintaining the company’s goodwill, maintaining the company’s relation with their potential customers and so on. The term public relation is also known as the tool of integrated marketing communication which describes the reputation and high fame and brand of the company. The prestige, the goodwill of the company, the company’s image and also focus on the company’s goals and Public relation is also known as the part of the promotion. Public relations helps in creating the high usability of the product, high awareness of the product among people and it helps in becoming a biggest known and reputed strategy for the company, for the customers and for the people who are the target audience for the company who helps the company in achieving its goals and success through different applications, through different important strategies.