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To understand the term “business communication” we need to first understand what is communication? Communication is to interact with the other person and provide them with the ideas or views through some technology. Communication is to exchange the knowledge and information for the purpose of something.

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What is business communication?

When one person gives some input of his or her idea and the other person do receives that idea by some technologies of communication and get the proper feedback then it is known as business communication. It helps in the core competence of the communication.

The benefits:

It helps in re-enforce the good performance and create an effective feedback. Business communication helps in understanding the goals and objectives of the organization to achieve the mission in a correct order. It also helps in leading the world and focus on the work. There is less chance of conflicts through business communication. It helps in dealing with potential and better feedback. The result is fast and if there is no effective communication, there is a chance for conflictions which might arise in an organization between top management and middle management who are important and necessary in the organization.

The effective communication in business helps to learn new skills, new technologies and to gather new ideas and improvements. It helps in creating high improvement and various technologies in the organization to achieve the main point of success, business communication helps in improving the quality of the product as well as services which ever part is getting deal by the company.

It fosters innovation and helps in the achievement of goals because it is an effective communication which creates information of high richness and the face to face, direct communication is never useless and it always creates high attention to people whether the person is a supplier a client or he is an employee.

There are certain advantages of effective communication in business which creates proper message in front of people to achieve the benefits. Business communication creates a positive impact in the minds of the people who ever are associated with the business and it gives a proper feedback of the business. It helps in maintaining the relationship with the customer as well as people who are attached with the business in some form or other.

It creates favor for the business to achieve the main goals and the aim to reach the point of success and destination. There are three V’s of communication which needs to maintain for business communication:

Verbal: the message you want to say.

Vocal: The voice of your mouth how you say that message.

Visual: The way how you represent, look and appear.

In all the important factors from above three, the most important is Visual which describes about the way you looks, it is the first impression which you can create by your looks and define your personality. The appearance the looks the body language and the most important your ways of gestures and all are very important.

1. Facial expression: It clearly spreads the message, action which is used to represent the acceptance or rejection through facial expressions gives the clear message.

2. Body language: It when interpret in a correct way when you use body language at the time of communication. It creates a first impression if you appear a good body language with decency.

3. Gestures: When one use fingers to indicate something related to numbers then the other person might interpret it in a correct way that you are confident in what you are saying.

4. Eye gaze: The expressions from eyes sometimes create lot of clarifications and the other person takes it in the sense of easiness.