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Brand of a company use always different name, term, sign, symbol, Logo, Design and any other features to represent its products and services in the market in terms of brand as compare to any brand which will describe about the company’s uniqueness and it will attract more number of viewers who really love the product. Brand is related to aesthetics which defines and which is known to users for its real art and beauty. For example: Blackberry is a brand in today’s world because when we talk about this company, we believe on its part of reliability, we focus on the strategy of its uses and we understand that the product we purchase from blackberry will be of great use and will be secure and safe till its life. There will be no problem we will face in the middle of our uses. ompanies successfully understand the term brand, it will be successful in defining its management so when the company looks for brand management first they need to understand the needs and requirements of the people by the help of different marketing research different sessions and questionnaires, surveys, respondents’ belief and so on.

When I need to answer about my favorite brand, I belief that Honda city plays a great role because when it designs its car and deals with automobile sector it focuses on all the basic needs and requirement of the public in terms of style, in terms of looks, in terms of design, in case of performance, in case of comfortability, in terms of speed, in case of reliability and in case of branding I prefer the most is HONDA because it has its own image which represents a positive impact from its customers and most of the people, business man’s, doctor’s, engineer’s, youth, college students like to prefer this brand because it gives a great appeal to its viewers in terms of all the above defined factors.

There is a term related to branding which is known as co-branding and co-branding is defined as partnership where two companies takes a decision and build the strategy to work together, where two companies create a marketing strategy of togetherness and believes in a great result, then co branding exists. Companies today take the risks of joint projects in marketing and they believe to work together is known as co-branding.

Types of co-branding:

There are different types of co-branding which is known in marketing:

1. Ingredient co-branding

2. Composite co-branding

Ingredient co-branding is a type of co-branding which describes about the type of co-branding that implies about the brand which comes from the other renowned and reputed known brand which has now created a common place in the minds of the company and its people as well as clients. It is the sub-ordinate to the primary brand. The company’s biggest brand is the ingredient brands are and the biggest supplier which is usually known as the biggest brand.

The success of composite branding’s depends upon the ingredient branding. This branding strategy involves two types of existing brands and composite with these two to make or create a composite brand name for a new product. It shares a marketing and manufacturing expertise to create a product market.

When we study brand management we should think about reliability which will matter a lot because without reliability, there is no sustainability, similarly! Without comfortability there is no demand and there is no attraction. So the company when uses brand ambassadors, they should fully discuss and analyze of all the facts as for example: Dove has done a wonderful job by targeting real women.