You will be asked to create four lesson plans that

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You will be asked to create four lesson plans that integrate the arts into the core curriculum, where the 'arts' elevate the 'core learning; your lessons should involve learning and assessment in both areas. You will be expected to teach all four lessons (2 per placement). The final product will be due on December 12.
You will hand this assignment in three parts: 

  • You will be responsible for integrating my feedback into lessons before teaching. You will resubmit your initial lesson plans with the revisions made following feedback (if necessary). You will also submit your reflections.If you (or 0 feel this is necessary, or if you want some guidance with this second pair of lessons, we will plan accordingly.

The following is a che;cklist of components for your final unit plan project. Some general guidelines are also included in order to give you a clear picture of what is expected
General Guidelines

  • Develop your idea around a strong concept or curricular connection. All work should meet graduate school expectations in terms of mechanics, correct referencing, professional look in terms of word processing, idea development, and depth/breadth Provide the necessary materials, handouts, references, research, and related readings that will support you actually doing this project in class. For the lesson plans, please follow the Nazareth lesson plan template. Please note the inclusion of a 'note to reader', which can serve as a general introduction to your unit, and tell the reader how to navigate your binder.

Required Components of EACH Lesson Pair The following list (in the listed order) will be required for each lesson pair. if you are unsure how to complete any aspect of the plan, please find see me.

  • Cover (Your name, class name, instructor name, and 'title' of lesson pair) Note to Readers o This is where you will explain your rationale behind doing these lessons, and why arts integration will aid you in leading your students through the essential KUDOS. Share your thoughts here, and let the reader peek inside your head. Help the reader navigate your lessons. This should be no more than one page, double-spaced. Essential Question(s) o Please include questions that will serve as a lens to your students, and to encourage thought about your essential understandings.

• Class Profile o Ito 2 page narrative of characteristics of learners you are working with; include information about the school (urban, rural, suburban; size; charter, private public; etc.); include a more detailed description of 3 to 4 students with additional learning needs; 1 also include any other information that will allow the reader to see exactly for whom the lessons were constructed. (see examples provided in class)

• Individual Lesson Plans o This will be the heart of your unit plan. There should be KUDO's and 'steps' in terms of what students are doing. You should also include a "hook" or "anticipatory set" in this format, and indicate materials and visuals needed for instruction. Use the Nazareth College Lesson Plan format.

• References

• Reflection
Lesson Plan Reflection
Becoming an expert in the field of teaching requires active and critical reflection on our practice. After teaching your lessons, you will engage in this type of reflection. In this reflection you will examine the quality of each aspect of your lesson from both the planning and practice perspective.
Your reflection should be 2-3, double spaced pages per lesson and answer some of the following questions (or others, as appropriate for your individual lesson)
• What went well? What did not work as you envisioned?

• What changes might you make if you taught this again?

• How well did the arts enhance your curricular goals?

• Were your learning goals met? Why or why not? How might you have done thins differently?

• Were you able to effectively assess your learning goals? What did you learn about effective assessment?

• How might you have made changes to the arts activities to further enhance the learning?

• Did you plan effectively for materials distribution? How might you do this differently in the future?

• Were your instructions & expectations clear to your students? How might you do this differently in the future?

• What did you learn about effective instruction? What did you learn about integrating the arts?

Reference no: EM13479789


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