You are an industrial hygienist for a large distributor of

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You are an Industrial Hygienist for a large distributor of industrial compressed gases who was evacuated to Baton Rouge after a major category 5 hurricane disaster.
It is 1 week after the event. No one has as yet entered the site. You have been given the responsibility to supervise a team that will return to the site, evaluate the situation, and participate in a plan to re-establish basic medical needs for the workers involved in the recovery effort. Recovery workers operating in the vicinity of your facility have complained of odors like rotten eggs coming from the site. In addition, a Chief with one of the Fire Brigades states that a chlorine gas leak was confirmed. Your team is composed of the current Safety Supervisor (programs and training), the Environmental Manager (physical plant, wastes and regulatory issues), and two technicians (versed in IH and environmental sample collection and testing).
The Incident Commander (person in-charge of recovery) for this operation, is looking to you for guidance on the safe entry, safe clean up procedures, appropriate PPE for all recovery workers, and a hazard assessment for the most critical items or operations that can cause acute or chronic health effects, illness or disease.

1.What recommendations and guidance would you make to the Incident Commander to address his concerns and needs?

2.What PPE would you require for your team members and the recovery workers...short term and then later in the recovery effort?

3.What are the main Industrial Hygiene concerns for your team and the clean-up recovery workers?

Reference no: EM13344333


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