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Assignment- "Change Project"

Below is a mock case study. You are to write a treatment plan. Your plan must include and consider information about the patient's background. You must prioritize treatment goals, and determine a course of action for the mock patient to help the patient attempt to make changes. You will provide a 2-page write up for the patient that you choose

Based on observingJackie's symptoms, there are three major problems which significantly impacted her normal daily life. They are, suicide attempt, depression and anxiety disorder. The goal of this treatment was to restore a balance of emotions, relieving the symptoms of depression and restoring Jackie's normal self in thoughts, functioning, and general outlook on life. Moreover, it was also important to prevent the return of suicidal, depression and anxiety patterns and symptoms. Since Jackie had several problems, different treatments and interventions would be involved in this treatment. First of all, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) would be used for stopping suicide attempt.In the overall treatment, stopping suicide attempt was the most important because life was always priority and only staying alive could do the following interventions. Then, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) would be used for depression and anxiety. This treatment plan of depression and anxiety disorder is designed to help Jackie manage and reduce the symptoms of both disorders. Considering that her depression may cause other distress, so it is reasonable to address it before anxiety disorder. specifically, Jackie showed symptoms of highly depressed that she was unable to begin treatment for an anxiety disorder, which requires motivation and energy.



Jackie is a 35-year old female who was born in Calgary and moved to Vancouver at the age of 2. Her mother (aged 63) is a private school teacher and her father (aged 68) is an accountant. Her parents divorced when she was 5, and she was raised mostly by her mother. She reported that she has never been close to either parent, who she described as "rigid" and "strict." She has one sister (aged 36), who has been living in Japan for the past 5 years teaching ESL. She reported that, although they were close in age, she and her sister were never really friends. She attributes this to "big personality differences."

Jackie graduated high school in 1992. She received all. As throughout her schooling, and wanted to go on to college, but was discouraged by her parents and ended up getting a job as a full-time nanny. She met her partner Henry when they were 17, and they were married at age 22. She had some friends throughout her schooling, but lost contact with most of them once she and Henry started dating. She and Henry had two sons together (currently aged 10 and 13), and Jackie quit her job and stayed home full-time with her sons. Her son Christopher was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy, and Jackie acts as his primary caregiver for him at home. Henry was fired from his job in 2006, and has not been employed since, due to an injury from a boating accident. He has recently been trying to find a job, and has been going to several interviews per week. They are currently supported by Henry's disability payments, and are struggling financially. For instance, they keep their lights off in the evenings to save on their electricity bill. They are considering having a renter come into their house for extra income. Jackie was referred to you for therapy by her previous counselor due to limited progress.


The main problem Jackie has been struggling with is serious anxiety around leaving the house to run errands, including going to the grocery store, driving her eldest son to school, and taking her younger son to medical appointments. She is totally petrified to do these things because she had a random panic attack at the swimming pool where she had taken her sons to go swimming. During this attack, her heart had started racing and she felt like she couldn't breathe, and the lifeguard had started performing the Heimlich maneuver on her on the pool deck in front of everyone because he thought she was choking. Since this time, Jackie has not wanted to leave the house and has been avoiding errands and appointments, which has resulted in her son Christopher missing several appointments with the specialists he usually sees. Further, her husband Henry feels angry that he has had to assume responsibility for the grocery shopping and driving their son to school every day, and Jackie and Henry argue frequently.

Jackie reported that, about two years ago, she experienced a period of two months of depressed mood, decreased interest in her life, difficulties with concentration and sleep, and weight loss. She also reported that at that time she had had thoughts of ending her life, and admitted to one suicide attempt by overdose. She took about 10 pills (she does not recall what type) and drank several glasses of wine, but woke up the next morning and felt fine. She did not tell anyone about it, but realized that she needed help. During this time Jackie spent most of her day watching TV in her room. She started feeling better when her son got matched with a new support worker who really helped him, and has not felt depressed since them. However, she has had four episodes of depression in the past, with the first occurring when she was 14 years old. She has also attempted suicide a few times before, usually by taking an overdose of pills. She also reports that when Christopher was first born, she blamed herself for his disability, became extremely suicidal and considered hanging herself, but could not do it.

Reference no: EM131012416


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