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Question: "The Fugitive" is a story primarily about a young man named Marciano who finds out he has a multi-drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis (TB). When Marciano returns to the clinic he had temporarily stopped going to, the healthcare workers ask him if he agrees to return to the treatment plan he had previously stopped. In response, the narrator reveals Marciano's thinking: he wanted to be cured-but he honestly didn't know if he could go through with it [...] He'd taken the medicine, which was no easy thing, because it made him sick to his stomach and made him itch [...] They'd told him he'd have to stay on the regimen anywhere between six and thirty months, but within three months he'd felt fine, his cough nearly gone and his arms and chest filling out again, so he'd started selling the pills [...] until the disease returned to shake him like a rat in a cage [...] and came back here to [the clinic's] contempt and their antiseptic smells and their masks and their dictates and their ultimatums. (235-6) Why is this passage significant?

Reference no: EM133640520


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