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Discussion #1

Companies use the marketing communications mix differently, depending upon the intended target audience. As you learned, having a well-coordinated integrated marketing communications strategy is important in order to deliver a clear and compelling message to customers.

For your discussion, provide an example of a company that you feel has used well-integrated marketing communications tools. Discuss why you feel the company has done a good job with their IMC efforts.

Also, provide an example of a company or product brand that hasn't done a good job with communicating their message to customers. How might the company better leverage the marketing communications mix to successfully communicate with customers? Propose an alternative with supporting details. Then exchange views with other classmates.

Discussion #2

Now that you have a better idea of the qualities to look for in evaluating information literacy, it is time to select a piece that demonstrates your diversity skills. Taking a look back at work you have completed for courses thus far, what assignment is the best demonstration of your diversity expertise? Identify and submit the best example of diversity you have as your assignment.

Reference no: EM131147989

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