Why do you think those misconceptions exist explain

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Motivation and Profiling of Terrorist Groups

Groups typically labeled as terrorist have a heterogeneous nature. This nature is often overlooked because of the emotional connotations from the label of terrorism. When evaluating groups that use terrorist tactics, it is necessary to look beyond surface similarities and identify these heterogeneous characteristics. This week, utilize any group currently identified as terrorists, and answer the following:

Assignment Guidelines

• In 4-6 paragraphs, address the following:

o What characteristics, if any, do members of the group share?

- Besides race or ethnicity, what significant misconceptions do you think are made regarding the characteristics of terrorist groups?

o Why do you think those misconceptions exist? Explain.

- These characteristics are often shallow. Identify what heterogeneous characteristics exist within the group.
- Are these characteristics significant to the goals and motivations of the terrorist group? Why or why not?

o How can heterogeneous characteristics be exploited to weaken a group's infrastructure?

Reference no: EM131228915

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