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A) Trent had the strong belief against cigarette smoking, as his dad died from lung cancer. Trent has recently befriended a new group of people. Each of them smokes cigarettes and has been telling him that it is the cool thing to do. Trent made choice to give cigarette smoking a try and now he is a cigarette smoker. When his mom asked him why he is smoking he told her, "Don't worry mom, it is not that bad after all." Which term is being described in Trent's situation?

B) Paul is what most people consider a "jock." He is the captain of both the football and wrestling team and he also plays hockey. Upon entering Mrs. Title's class she figured that he would not take the course badly nor will he excel in class. She pegged him as the student who would coast by.

C) Cody told Marie that he thinks she behaves fake toward world. Marie was shocked at Cody's accusations. Marie feels like she does like to laugh. In fact, anytime she can make a joke out of something, she does. She likes to break the tension and she likes to make others feel at ease. Which term is being described in Marie's situation?

D) Carmen's goal was to be the president of her senior class. She ran for president during freshman year, but she did not win. So, her mom suggested that she participate in the meetings and support the president and the cabinet. During sophomore year, Carmen was elected as the treasurer of her class. Throughout her junior year, she was elected vice president. She is now hoping to be elected as president of her senior class. Which term is being described in Carmen's situation?

Reference no: EM1323391

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Which term is being described in marie''s situation : When his mom asked him why he is smoking he told her, "Don't worry mom, it is not that bad after all." Which term is being described in Trent's situation.
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