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Question 1
Research methods that predict behavior, but do not necessarily choose one causal explanation over competing ones, are called:
experimental methods.
single-blind studies.
significance tests.
descriptive methods.

Question 2
A researcher studies the history of a suicide bomber who attempted to blow up a police station. The researcher's goal is to understand the person's childhood or dreams that led to the person's behavior for becoming a bomber. This type of research is called a(n):
case study.
observational study.
correlational study.
survey study.

Question 3
Which modern psychological perspective is behaviorism a part of?

Question 4
Tessa agrees to an evaluation designed to tap her unconscious feelings and motives. Tessa will be given a(n):
objective test.
projective test.
double-blind test.
single-blind test.

Question 5
Reliance on introspection got structuralists into trouble because:
Despite their training, introspectors often produced conflicting reports.
They failed to generate an intensive program of research.
They emphasized the purpose of behavior, as opposed to its analysis and description.
Trained introspection was rejected as being too objective.

Question 6
Which school of thought in psychology tried to explain how specific behaviors and mental processes help a person adapt to the environment?

Question 7
To test whether people in bars drink more when they are in groups than when they are alone, researchers visited all the pubs in a city. They ordered beers and recorded observations on napkins and pieces of newspaper. Why did they keep their identities in disguise?
They were conducting a double-blind study.
They wanted to make sure the study had test-retest reliability.
They needed to determine the experimenter effects in the study at a later point in time.
They wanted the people they were observing to behave naturally.

Question 8
Dawn is systematically recording the naturalistic behaviors of kids in a nursery school, taking pains to avoid intruding or being obvious about what she is doing. Dawn is engaging in a(n):
Exploratory research
Observational study
Double-blind study
Experimental research

Question 9
Which of the following modern psychological perspectives most resembles functionalism?
Sociocultural perspective
Evolutionary perspective
Cognitive perspective
Behavioral perspective

Question 10
__________ had inferred that the brain is the ultimate source of all pleasures and sorrows long before it was verified, and he is now known as the founder of modern medicine.
Wilhelm Wundt
Sigmund Freud
John Locke

Question 11
Hippocrates argued that the brain is the ultimate source of human pleasures and pains.

Question 12
The evolutionary perspective emphasizes the dynamics of the social and cultural forces that shape every aspect of human behavior.

Question 13
Cognitive researchers have been able to study the kind of "thinking" that goes on without awareness.

Question 14
The learning perspective of psychology emphasizes bodily events and changes associated with actions, feelings, and thoughts.

Question 15
Wilhelm Wundt, an American psychologist, was a popular functionalist.

Question 16
"How" and "why" an organism does something were the concerns of functionalists.

Question 17
Scholars of the past who wanted to understand human behavior relied on anecdotes and descriptions of individual cases.

Question 18
Psychology has been a science for more than 1,000 years.

Question 19
The likelihood of lying in surveys is increased when the respondents are guaranteed anonymity.

Question 20
Psychology became a formal discipline in the sixteenth century.

Reference no: EM131524399


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