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Question 1: The owners of _______ face unlimited liability.

Select one:

a. corporations only

b. partnerships and corporations only

c. sole proprietorships only

d. sole proprietorships and partnerships only

Question 2: A contract for difference is

Select one:

a. the difference between a physical stock market and the futures market.

b. the difference between a put and a call option on the same security.

c. the difference between an option and a warrant on the same security.

d. an agreement to exchange the difference between a contract start and close values.

Question 3: Which of the following is incorrect?

Select one:

a. The units of a listed REIT are generally illiquid.

b. An infrastructure fund may hold investments in power stations.

c. An investor may use a CFD to go long in a rising market.

d. A real estate investment trust may purchase industrial property.

Question 4: The primary market role of a stock exchange is to

Select one:

a. ensure the sale of new-issue securities.

b. ensure deep trades in listed securities.

c. trade the shares of the largest corporations.

d. ensure that information about listed companies is quickly reflected in share prices.

Question 5: The greatest number of issues of equity capital on the ASX over recent years has involved

Select one:

a. placements.

b. rights issues.

c. new floats.

d. dividend reinvestment.

Reference no: EM132608788


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