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MULTIPLE CHOICE - Choose the answer that best fits

1. A runaway baby carriage was part of which film that we viewed in class?
a. Day for Night
b. Nosferatu
c. Intolerance
d. Battleship Potemkin
e. Birth of a Nation
f The General

2. Which film features a long scene shot in a desert near the end of the film?
a. Seven Psychopaths
b. Nosferatu
c. The Descendants
d. Battleship Potemkin
e. In Bruges
f The General

3. Griffith's second feature length film is
a. Birth of a Nation
b. Intolerance
c. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
d. The Tramp
e. Way down East
f Orphans of the Storm

4. A ______ arises when two characters, events, or locations are compared through the use of a or visual or sound device.

a. motif
b. parallel
c. cut
d. clip
e. none of these

5. play supporting roles in many films but do not achieve the recognition of lead actors.

a. Extras

b. Character actors

c. Method actors

d. Cameo actors

e. none of these

6. Which of the following does NOT contribute to a balanced composition?

a. distributing bright and dark areas equally across the frame
b. centering actors in the shot
c. distributing actors and objects equally across the frame
d. All of these could contribute to a balanced composition.
e. none of these

7. ______would be considered an auteur director
a. John Wayne
b. Andrew Sarrisc. Pauline Kael
d. Dr. Vincent
e. Alfred Hitchcock
f. Jack Black

8. Auteur theory emerged from the culture of
a. post-WWII France
b. wartime Italy
c. pre-WWII Germany
d. post-WWII Great Britain
e. none of these

9. A/An
a. backstory
b. storyboard
c. newsreel
d. matte
e. fantasy novel
1. None of these is a series of drawings that lays out the film shots sequentially.

10. The term auteur refers to:
a. A genre of film that radically modifies accepted genre conventions for dramatic effect.
b. A member of the film crew who assists the editor with various tasks.
c. A term for film directors that was popularized by French film critics and refers to the best film directors with their own distinctive styles and critically acclaimed.
d. An advance in film sound technology that has promised greater fidelity and a heightened sense of audio realism.
e. The French school of realism

11. Images that originate from computer graphics technology, rather than photography is
a. Digital compositing
b. Computer-generated imagery
c. Composition
d. Graphic match
e. Stand-ins

12. are brief appearances in films and on television by well-known actors playing themselves.
a. Cameos
b. Character actors
c. Method actors
d. Extras
e. None of these

13. Depth of field refers to
a. the horizontal scope of the image
b. the distance between foreground and background
c. the number of complex characters in a screenplay
d. the degree to which the space in front of and behind the primary subject that is in sharp focus
e. None of these

14. Which director that we studied so far is known for assembling a company that comprised some of the leading actor s of the silent era?
a. Chaplin
b. Keaton
c. Pickford
d. Swanson
e. Griffith
f. Eisenstein
g. Porter

h. Edison

15. Eisenstein introduced which famous editing style?
a. Freeze frame
b. Jump Cut
c. Focus out, focus in
d. Flash backs
e. The dissolve
f. Hopscotch editing
g. Montage
h. Rack focus

16. is known as the "father of film grammar" and has been recognized throughout the world as the single most important individual in the development of film as an art.
a. Martin Scorsese
b. D. W. Griffith
c. Woody Allen
d. Quentin Tarantino
e. Charlie Chaplin
f. Edwyn Porter
g. Buster Keaton

17. References to other films or works of art are called:
a. Compilation films
b. Intertextual references
c. Film humor
d. Film Styles
e. Footnotes
f. Film bibliography

18. Women in film noir movies include which of the following?
a. dutiful, reliable, trustworthy and loving women
b. mysterious, duplicitous, and double-crossing women
c. manipulative and desperate women.
d. Both a and b
e. Both a and c
f. a, b and c
g. None of these

19. Which of the following detective stories were not written by Dashiell Hammett?
a. The Damn Curse
b. The Long Goodbye
c. The Postman Always Rings Twice,
d. The Maltese Falcon
e. The Glass Key
f. The Thin Man
g. Both a and c
h. Both a and e
i. Both b and c
j. Both e and f

20. Images that originate from computer graphics technology, rather than photography is
a) Digital compositing
b) Computer-generated imagery
c) Composition
d) Graphic match
e) Stand-ins

21. When a filmmaker cuts back and forth between two or more events occurring in different spaces, usually suggesting that these events are happening at the same time, it is called:
a. Parallel Editing / Cross-Cutting
b. Polarizing Filters
c. Progressive Scanning
d. Both a and b
e. Both b and c
f. Both a and c
g. a, b and c
h. None of the above

22. By around 1910, color was common in many films. The most prevalent technique was , which involved bathing lengths of developed films (typically one scene at a time) in dye.
a) toning
b) overexposure
c) tinting
d) dye couplers
e) the use of Kodachrome film

23. Which of the following is not a characteristic of telephoto lenses?
a. Narrow view
b. Good for close shooting
c. Shallow depth of field
d. Decrease object speed to camera
e. Maximizes camera shake
f. Smaller image
g. Both a and e
h. None of these

24. A/An is a character who in some way opposes the , leading to protracted conflict.
a) actor; actress
b) extra; star actor/actress
c) antagonist; protagonist
d) star actor/actress; director

25. A narrative moment that signals an important shift of some kind in character or situation is a/an:
a) restricted narration
b) turning point
c) time-lapse
d) sequence
e) none of the above

26. films are films that might not have a story at all, since these filmmakers see film as a visual
art form rather than a storytelling medium.
a) Film-noir
b) Slice-of-life
c) Compilation
d) Avant-garde
e) none of the above

27. Which of the following really happened in the film In Bruges?
a. Ken played by Brendan Gleeson (the heavy set character) decides he likes it so much that he plans to move to Bruges.
b. Ray (Colin Farrell), the Irishman, is in an ambulance as the film closes.
c. All the main characters are dead.
d. Harry the crime boss played by Ralph Finnes invites everyone to his home in London for the Christmas holidays.
e. Cloe played by Clomence Poesy decides to many Ray (Colin Farrell), the Irishman.

28. A camera shot that is taken from a sufficient distance to show a landscape a building, or a large crowd is called:
a. Extreme Close-up
b. Near shot
c. Medians Shot
d. Long Shot
e. Extreme Long Shot

f. Establishing Shot

29. In the film, The General, the "General" is a:
a. Soldier
b. A retired officer
c. Steamship
d. A old general store

e. A train
f. None of these

30. In the film, The General. the main character, Johnny Gray, played by Buster Keaton ______
a. Is a steamboat captain
b. Decides to move away to live in Fiance
c. Joions the Union army of the Northern states sa he can fight against the South
d. Wins the hand of his girlfiiend, Annabel Lee, and the approval of her father
e. None of these


31. French Poetic Realism put great emphasis on the movement of the camera.

32 The standard sound fi. 'R. speed. is 36 frames a second.

33. Narrative is a brief chronological description of the basic events and characters in a film.

34. A Close-up is a shot of a face or object that fills the screen completely.

35. A "series" is an ongoing story in wMch each episode takes up where the last one left off. Soap operas are serials. Wert Wing or any program with a continuing story line also is a aerial

36. A sequence is a dramatic unit composed of several seen.. all linked by emotional and narrative momminun.

37. In the 11/m Seven l'syrhomths, the film is alone a gang of seven dog kidnappers who take dogs and then rerun them for a reward..

38. A parallel arises when two characters, events, or locations are compared through the use of a narrative element or visual or sound device.

39. Typecasting is when an actress is repeatedly cast in a kind of role she has played before

40. Shaven space refers to space visible in a shot but beyond the foreground.

41. A genre is a broad category of television or film programs such as soap operas, police dramas, xi- (science fiction) and sitcoms (situation comedies).

42. A two shot is a standard technique for filming conversations by alternating back and forth between close-up shots of the two characters talking to one another.

43. Many pictures released from the 1960s onward share amibutes with film noir of the classical period. Some refer to these latter-day works as retro-noir.

Reference no: EM131014000

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