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Landing page optimization is an important part of the overall marketing process. When sending an e-mail or linking a paid advertisement, it is important that the message you express is reiterated on the landing page.

Choose an existing email you have recently received to complete this assignment.

In a 3 page paper, address the following:

• Compare and contrast what you changed from the e-mail to the landing page

• What did you learn in regards to resource planning between e-mail and the Web?

• What are the ways in which conversion can be increased? Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references.

• Explain why you made these specific changes. Be sure to include what you learned through the process.

• Include a mockup of the e-mail landing page. You can choose to present this in Word, PowerPoint, or Illustrator format. If you are using the landing page of a specific Web site, you may include a screenshot of the landing page and highlight the alterations that you would make.


After analyzing the data from various reports, the next step is to take actionable measures on your Web site.

Use the Internet to research the following hashtags:

• #CRO-the hashtag for conversion rate optimization (CRO)
• #LPO-the hashtag for landing page optimization (LPO)

Then perform a search on Twitter.com (or complete a general internet search if you do not have Twitter) for the #CRO and #LPO hashtags and complete the following:

• Select one article each about CRO and LPO from the search results obtained on Twitter.com.

In a 3 - 4 page paper, address the following:

• Select an article each about CRO and LPO from the search results obtained on Twitter.com.
• Summarize the information presented in each of the articles you selected.
• Summarize the insights you gained about CRO and LPO on the basis of the article you selected.
• Create a scenario within which you can apply some of the knowledge you gained on CRO and LPO.
• Compare and contrast CRO and LPO
• Provide appropriate examples and scholarly references that substantiate the insights gained on the CRO and LPO.

Once you have been able to analyze the Google Analytics reports and make actionable changes, you should be able to report on the overall outcome of each test.

Using the information provided by the different Google Analytics reports, create a 3 - 5 slide Power Point presentation to include the following:

• Explain how best to perform landing page optimization tactics.
o For example, this could be through the use of the Google Web site Optimizer tool or other landing page strategies. Provide at least five strategies.

• Identify at least two competitors and describe how these changes will provide the selected client with an advantage over these competitors.

• Produce a list of at least 10 keywords that the landing page should contain to improve optimization.

• Discuss how this optimization may vary for a different target audience.

• Provide specific examples of how best to perform optimization tactics.

Reference no: EM13993201

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