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Religious Service Report or Service Learning Report(3-5 pages)

1) Religious Service Report

The purpose of visiting a religious service other than one you may be familiar with is both to broaden your perspectives and to experience firsthand what we might otherwise just read and talk about.

Three important rules: 1) You MUST choose a service you are not familiar with (one outside of what you are/were raised as). I HIGHLY recommend that you choose an entirely different religion than what you are familiar with as well. 2) Make sure you plan ahead and attend an actual service and not just an empty building during off hours. 3)You must go to an actual physical service (you cannot just watch one online. The only exception to this is if there is a severe health mobility or medical issue).

It is important that you follow these guidelines in order to receive points. You have had the entire semester to plan this, so don't wait until the last minute!

Please refer to this helpful RSR Etiquette Guide as well as the following list of local area temples of worship before you complete this project. Temples of worship in and near your city are numerous and diverse and the list gives you many suggestions. You may choose to attend services outside of this list (as long as they are EASTERN religions). A reflection on your aunt's Baptist service, though lovely, is not going to count. I encourage you to visit the temple's website and/or call ahead before your visit.

Your reflection should include the following:

A description of the building & sacred space, both inside and out

The service itself (Who was involved? What rituals were performed? What was said? Sung? What was used?)

Reflections on your own experience (Did you feel comfortable? Strange? What intrigued you? What puzzled you?)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are NOT required to participate in the service for this project. You only need to observe and write about what you observed. If you choose to participate during the service itself (i.e. meditating, chanting, bowing, etc.) that is YOUR CHOICE, but not required. Please be respectful in any place of worship. Do not text or do anything offensive. Represent Sinclair in a positive light.Please read over the brief RSR Etiquette Guide above before your visit.

2) Service Learning (Volunteering) Report

For this option, you will give your time in service (a minimum of 1-2 hours, the time will depend on the agency and project) and thenwrite a report on your experience. This is an assignment in which you can apply course skills and knowledge, gain exposure to cultural and religious diversity, and acquire a sense of giving back to our community (Hindu Seva).

Your service learning report should include the following:

A detailed description of the place you did your service at.

The service learning itself: Who was involved? What tasks were you given? How did you help this group/project? Who did you meet and talk with? (Names can be kept anonymous). What were the goals of the project you were involved with?

Reflections on your own experience. Did you feel comfortable? Strange? What intrigued you? What puzzled you? What kind of people did you meet? How did this assignment relate to what we discussed and learned in class? How did it relate to your own experiences or thoughts?

As with the Religious Service Report, begin planning this early. Call ahead and confirm your place of choice early in the semester. You have had the whole semester to do this, so do not wait until the last minute or you may have trouble finding a place to visit!

Format Requirements

Save your paper as a word or .rtf file. Again, do NOT save as anything else (like wps, etc.) as your professor will not be able to open it.

Label your document.

The paper must be typewritten and double-spaced.

The written portion of the paper must fill at least 3-5 full typewritten pages.

Top, bottom, and side margins must measure no more than one inch (1") in width.

Font size must not exceed 12 points.

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and writing style are important and will count in the overall grading process.

Reference no: EM131046983


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