What two types of spores do heterosporous plants produce

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Q. What does the chloroplast of a Spirogyra look like? Volvox: what do the daughter colonies look like? What is the difference between isogamous and oogamous organisms (p62)? What are the two types of vascular tissues? Which plant groups that we talked about in class have organisms that contain vascular tissue? What is xylem? Phloem? What are they used for? Outline alternation of generations. Note where the spores, gametes and plants are haploid or diploid and whether they undergo meiosis or mitosis. Where are the sporophytes? Gametophytes? Know the life cycles of all of the four major groups of plants: Bryophytes, Pterophytes, Gymnosperms, and Angiosperms in which plant groups are the gametophyte dominant? Sporophyte dominant? What is the difference between heterosporous and homosporous plants? What two types of spores do heterosporous plants produce? Spores that will develop into a female gametophyte are?

Reference no: EM136456

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