What tax revenue will be generated.

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A country that does not currently tax cigarettes is considering the introduction of a $0.40 per pack tax. The economic advisors to the country estimate the supply as well as demand as well as curves for cigarettes as:

Qd = 140,000-25,000P
Qs = 20,000+75,000P
where Q= daily sales in packs of cigarettes as well as P = cost per pack. The country has hired you to provide the following information regarding the cigarette market as well as the proposed tax:

a) What are the equilibrium cost as well as quantity with no tax?

b) What cost as well as quantity would prevail after the imposition of the tax? Illustrate the portion of tax which would be borne by buyers as well as sellers, respectively?

c) Calculate the deadweight loss from the tax. Illustrate that the tax be acceptable in spite of the deadweight loss? What tax revenue will be generated?

Reference no: EM137627

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