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Each student will select a company for which an in-depth financial analysis will be prepared. The student should not select his or her own employer. The company chosen must be publicly traded so that all financial information is readily available for the student and the professor. The student will need to quickly select the company, as they will need to immediately start compiling financial information. See Appendix A for detailed information about the content of your analysis.

This research paper and Power Point presentation will be posted in week 8./16 This paper will be required to follow APA format with a minimum of 15 references. The paper should be a minimum of 10-15 pages (i.e., financial statements, calculations, graphs, etc. should be included as appendices and do not count toward the 10-15 page count.). The paper is expected to be in the general format discussed in Appendix A.

The student is expected to research his or her topic through the appropriate channels: library, getting information from companies, various on-line sources, etc. Sources for your research will be available through the university library as well as suggestions listed in the handouts section of the course.

Your first draft is due in class 4/8 and the second draft is due in class towards the final few weeks of the course. Your digital copy will be loaded in each of week 4/8 and towards the final few weeks of the course.in the Coursework section of the course online.

The research paper assignment counts 20% toward your final grade with each draft counting 100 points or 10% (i.e., subject to change by the instructor. The PowerPoint presentation counts 10% toward your final grade and you will load that as a separate files with your paper in week 8. Note, the exclusion of any major component will result in point deductions as itemized in Appendix A.

Power Point Presentation of the Paper

Each student will load a Power Point presentation of the results of his or her company analysis (see above).

Guidelines for and Frequently Asked Questions about the presentation:

When is presentation?

During Week 8/16 of our class, you should prepare slides to present the main issues.

What key information should you cover in your presentation?

• Cursory overview of what company does

• Results of your analysis

• What you saw in Appendices A& B - were there any big movers in the normalized balance sheet and income statement? What ratios changed year to year? What changed and why? How did your company compare to the industry norm or competitor you used?

• What is your company's beta? What is the required return? What is the max stock price? Show the maximum stock price based on the suggested calculations.

• Your final thoughts on the company and its financial future - soundness of the company and stock price.

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Reference no: EM131522176


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