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Please complete the following four essay questions. In your answer please concentrate on explaining the process, and the types of thinking that need to go into the situation. Your grade will be based not only on what you say but also on how you say it. Please take some time to organize your thinking before you begin writing. You may want to develop an outline as the basis for your writing. Grammar counts, as does the organization and thoroughness of your answer. Please be sure to answer all parts of the question!

Question: The data that organizations gather about their users can vary between strictly commercial information (what books did you buy on Amazon) and much more private information (what medications did you purchase from an online pharmacy). When deciding on the proper architecture to run an application on do companies have an ethical obligation to consider the security of that architecture as it relates to the data that will be stored on that architecture? If this obligation exists how should it be considered against potential cost savings associated with the use of the cloud?

Reference no: EM131524328


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