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Q. An automobile company displays a die-cast model of its first car, made from 9.35 kg of iron. to celebrate its hundredth year in business, a worker will recast the model in solid gold from the original dies. What mass of is needed to make the new model?

Q. According to legend, to determine whether the king's crown was made of pure gold, Archimedes measured the crown's volume by determining how much water it displaced. The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^3. If the crown's mass was 6.00 * 10^2g, what volume of water would have been displaced if the crown was indeed made of pure gold?

Reference no: EM1345471

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What mass of is required to make the new model : According to legend, to determine whether the king's crown was made of pure gold, Archimedes measured the crown's volume by find out how much water it displaced. The density of gold is 19.3g/cm^3. If the crown's mass was 6.00 * 10^2g, what volume ..
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