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I need prepare a report of at least 3 full pages (Typed) about your behavior modification plan. Follow the steps outlined in class. You do not have to do the behavior modification! Your assignment is to design the plan and then write about it. The essay should be in MLA format: 12 pt. font, double spaced, etc. If it is not at least two full pages, you will receive an "F" for the assignment.

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Question 1: (step I) What is the behavior you want to modify? Do you want to increase or decrease it? Why? (step 2) How many times per week do you do it? What are the conditions when you do it? (example: "4 times I ate chocolate because I was under stress. 2 times I ate it because I was happy." )

Question 2: (step 3) What is your plan for modifying the behavior? Do you plan to use shaping? (Step 4) Will you use reinforcement or punishment? Why? What will you use as a "reward" or punishment? Why did you choose this?

Question 3: Do you think the shaping will work? Why/why not? What do you have to do to make it successful? (Example: avoid "cheating" or change reinforcers if they don't motivate you) How long will it take for the modification to reach maintenance?

Reference no: EM131031865


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