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Question: For this assignment, you will take an online personality assessment, and reflect on your own identity and whether or not it has remained consistent over time.

Take the assessment from the attached file.

Write a 1 - 2 page paper addressing the questions below:

• What is your 4-letter result? Provide a brief description (a few sentence summary, no copy and pasting).

• List 3 famous people who share your personality type.

• Which aspects of your personality do you think have remained stable since adolescence, and which have changed as you've become an adult?

• Discuss the careers that are linked as being suitable for your profile. Are you pursuing a career similar to any of the ones mentioned?

• Do you think your personality is more a product of genetics or the environment? Explain your answer.

Information related to above question is enclosed below:

Attachment:- Assessment.rar

Reference no: EM131906181

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