What is the total molar flux of methanol

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An ideal solution containing 0.1 x 10^-3 of methanol and 0.9 x !0^-3 m^3 of benzene moves at a molar avg velocity of .12 m/s. If the molar flux of benzene relative to the mass avg velocity is -1.0 kg/ mol/m^2, what is the total molar flux of methanol, Na and the mass avg velocity?

Extra info: Methanol (A)

                 Ma= 32.04 kg/kgmol

                  density of a =792 kg/m^3


                 Benzene (B)

                 Mb= 78.12 kg/kgmol

                 density of b= 879 kg/m^3

Reference no: EM13251606


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