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A nominally linear electrical output force measuring device has the manufacturer specifications listed below. The device is used in an environment where the temperature is not controlled and can vary between 10 and 35 deg C. For an input of 200 N: (a) What will be the nominal output voltage? (b) What is the static sensitivity? (c) Estimate the total instrument uncertainty in the measured load (ie. Express your answer both in mV and as a percentage of the reading).

Input range 0-1000N, Full scale output (FSO) 24 mV, Linearity plusminus 0.1 percent FSO, Hysterisis plusminus 0.08 percent FSO, Repeatability plusminus 0.05 percent FSO, Zero Balance plusminus 1 percent FSO, Temperature effects on: Zero balance plusminus 0.002 percent FSO/deg C, sensitivity plusminus 0.002 percent FSO/deg C.

Reference no: EM13624015


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