What is the safest pressure for the can

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Q1. A friend of yours is loudly singing a single note at 417 Hz while racing toward you at 25.7 m/s on a day when the speed of sound is 344 m/s. What frequency do you hear? (In HZ)? What frequency does your friend hear if you suddenly start singing at 417 Hz?

Q2. An aerosol can of whipped cream is pressurized at 440kPa when it's refrigerated at 3 C. The can warns against temperature in excess of 50 C. What is the safest pressure for the can?

Q3. An automobile engine slows down from 3900 rpm to 1500 rpm rpm in 4.0 s. determine its angular acceleration, assumed constant. Compute the total number of revolutions the engine makes in this time.

Reference no: EM135125


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