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Q. For lunch you and your friends decide to stop at the nearest deli and have a sandwich made fresh for you with 0.300 of Italian ham. The slices of ham are weighed on a plate of mass 0.400 placed atop a vertical spring of negligible mass and force constant of 200. The slices of ham are dropped on the plate all at the equal time from a height of 0.250. They make a totally inelastic collision with the plate and set the scale into vertical simple harmonic motion (SHM). You may assume that the collision time is extremely small.

What is the amplitude of oscillation of the scale after the slices of ham land on the plate? Articulate your reply numerically in meters and take free-fall acceleration to be = 9.80.

What is the period of oscillation of the scale? State your reply numerically in seconds.

Reference no: EM1389285


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