What is the flux of zn moving down the rod

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Q1. As part of a safety investigation, two 1300kg cars traveling at 18m/s are crashed into different barriers. Find the average forces exerted on

(a) car that hits a line of water barrels and takes 1.8s to stop, and

(b) car that hits a concrete barrier and takes 0.5s to stop.

Q2. The concentration of zinc in a rod of brass is maintained at 10 percent at one end of a rod that is 0.01 m long; the other end is maintained at 0% by vaporizing the Zn as it arrives. At 500°C, the diffusion coefficient of Zn in brass is 4.10-17 m2.s-1. What is the flux of Zn moving down the rod? Write down all your assumptions (hint: you will need to look up the density of copper. You do not require accounting for the variation in density with alloy composition). Give details what the boundary conditions were.

Reference no: EM135172


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